Beginner’s Guide on How to start your business. The perfect guide to help women entrepreneurs start and grow profitable businesses both online and in person. This guide is filled with business tips and knowledge useful to any girl boss.

Beginners Guide: How to start a Business

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Are you thinking of starting a business? Or are you a new business owner? This guide contains 19 Essentials things  you should do and know before starting your business. We cover business plan, one year plan, business name, marketing and so much more. 

19 tips - 14 pages.

This guide was created to help you as you start your journey of entrepreneurship. Learn what to do first. What you should be focusing on and the beginner mistakes NOT to make. 

Bonus: Checklist included with guide 

This guide is broken into 3 sections 

  • Section #1 - Ground Work ( The things you should do FIRST)
  • Section #2 - Lets get to work (The core questions you need to answer now in your business)
  • Section #3 - Never Returning Back to Work (Perfecting Your Strategy to get Sales)

Question: Will this work for my business?

Answer:  Yes! This guide contains the basics to ANY business. It will work for both product and service based businesses. This guide is applicable to both traditional brick and mortar businesses and online businesses. 

See you on the inside!