Should I Start a Business?

If you are wondering should you start a business, the answer is only you can answer that. It’s important to understand things like..


  • It may take time for your business to turn a profit
  • You may end up working more in your business than your 9 - 5 

If you don’t know or live with someone who has chosen to open a business or entrepreneurship


It’s a lot of work behind the scene. It’s definitely more work than what is shown on social media. 


A great exercise is to sit down with pen and paper and create 2 list.

  • The benefits of starting and running a successful business
  • The benefits of staying at your job

Which list is longer? Which is list is more beneficial you? 


I think now is also the perfect time to remind you , you dont have to choose between the two. You are able to build a business while working your 9 - 5. 


I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10+ years, not one moment have I regretted it. Business, Marketing, Packing orders it all excites me. My natural answer is YES, start the business. However I’ve been at this long enough to know we are not ALL the same. Don’t start the business if you can’t be inconvenienced. Dont start the business if you are unwilling to reduce expenses which I recommend you do for the first year in business. Dont start the business if you have no “NO BACKBONE” this requires you miss some parties, events, dinner nights, to skip the spending for nothings. This sacrifice  is about more than just money by the way, you now have something to build and nurture, that’s where we need your free time, especially in the first year. 


When you’re in business for yourself it’s worthy to note 

  • There's no limit on how much you can earn or the success you can reach, you are now in full control of your success. 
  • It’s not just about exotic vacations, it’s about being able to show up in your everyday life where needed without approval from management. 
  • It’s about the ability to create a legacy, something you can pass down
  • It’s about being happy enjoying whatever it is you wake and do on a daily basis both in your work life and personal life. 


I hope you still have your pen and paper, here are other questions you should take the time to answer. 

  • Why do you want to start a business?
  • Who is your target audience? Who will linked buy your product or service?
  • How much money do you need to start your business? 


Checkout How to Start a Business eGuide for Beginners which will walk you  through 19 questions you need to answer before you start ANYTHING.

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Cheers to your success! 

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