Launch mistakes to avoid + what to do.

You may be wondering how do I launch my business or how do I start my business.

Starting a business is very exciting. By the way congratulations! However there are steps that should be taking to ensure a profitable launch. Before you open up, its important to tell everyone a new business is coming. However that’s the first point, we have to tell people who are interested in what is it you’re selling. You should have a clear understanding of who your target audience is. 


Next, if you’re building an audience on social media (which I recommend), it’s important to poll your audience as you complete your process of launching. Do they want this? Remember you’re selling to your customers not yourself. Value & ask for their feedback.  I remember asking my sister or friend what they thought about my products, while I’m thankful for their input, I should have been asking my ideal/ target audience. 


There is absolutely nothing need under the sun. You have to make it your mission to bring a new angle to whatever it is you’re selling. How are you different from your competitors? This is an important question that you need a solid answer to before you launch anything. You should answer this as well as market this! This is your edge, this is your uniqueness, this answer is what distinguishes you from others. 


As we get the launch ready, you want a way to keep in touch with those who are interested. We definitely want to be building an email list. A common mistake, I see is launching soon, enter your email. Instead offer an incentive for them signing up for your email list. A discount, a perk, get creative. 


Your launch should be epic! I don’t care if you have a team behind you or it’s just you and your iPhone making magic. You should not be using stock photos. Stock photos are photos that you saw when you purchased whatever it is you’re selling. You should take your own photos of your product. 



If you’ve made it this far, here’s a gem. You should have a prelaunch and a launch. The pre launch is exclusive and set to just a few people. Think of it as a test run to your launch. The purpose of this pre launch is to make sure everything is working and get more feedback. 


You got this! I’m so proud of you for starting your business. 


Checkout How to Launch like a PRO and “Trapped & Paying” Target Audience Masterclass if you’re ready to take your launch to the next level. 

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