5 ways to shift negative thoughts

We could get complimented 10 times, 9 great and 1 negative. The one comment that was negative you would remember the most. This is human nature and this is how our brains are wired. It’s important to teach ourselves to focus on positive energy when it’s so easy to drown in negativity. 


Here’s a few tips that can help you turn a bad experience, or a bad day and boost your thought process



  • Avoid thinking about what all could go wrong and just focus on what’s going right. 
  • Always look for the bright side. For instance say to yourself “what I can I be thankful for in this moment”.


  • Focus on the solution and not the problem 


  • Take a chance be open to new things instead of allowing your fears to control you


  • Think of how to deal with your challenges head on. Learn to still work through the challenge instead of being stopped or blocked by the challenge. 


  • (And of course a bonus tip!) Evaluate your circle of friends and hang with positive people 



The key takeaway is to control your thoughts. Learn to identify and shape negativity into positive energy to help you reach your personal goals. 

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